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20 quick ways to change your life

20 quick ways to change your life
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Change your life today and start making changes because tomorrow may be too late. If you think something is not going good in your life, that something is wrong but you do not know what, then you are likely to lose control and perhaps it is a good time to change your life. There are a lot of things to do in this process and for sure the list below is by no means complete. Start with small daily habits that can make you life more interesting. Your goal should be to move systematically to a new life, which will improve your health, pleasure, creativity, self-esteem and mood.

1. Care for your self

We tend to load the basket of our lives with priorities and obligations, hoping that once we finish with them, we will relax. Unfortunately this is not the case. The basket is never empty because this is how we function as humans, so why do we stress? Our obligations can always wait. You need to find ways to escape for a moment from the present and the past at least once a day and relax with everything that can make you happy.

2. Give space to others

Which means, listening to what other have to say, do not interrupt them when they speak and not complete their phrases. Smile and try to give more attention to your communication with others.

3. Be yourself

The constant effort to demonstrate how capable you are, how many things you know, how many people you know, causes you stress and anxiety. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. You know what you can make and what do you deserve. The rest leave them for others to discover. Thus it has even greater value.

4. Flirting

Even if you are married or have a wonderful relationship, romance is always refreshing. A good morning, a smile, three simple words with a person you like, can build a wonderful day. Attention, however, the misunderstanding! There is no need to go to extremes to make you feel good.

5. Skip the perfectionism

Being obsessed with the bad side of life, either your own or somebody else is the most basic symptom of the unfulfilled. Instead of losing your valuable time trying to correct things – which leads to an endless, uneven and gruelling fight, since there would always be something better than what you have  – Your better focused on how to feel relaxed and calm under the present circumstances. That does not mean compromise, but understanding that the less need for perfection means greater enjoyment of your life.

6. Don’t feel bad if you are bored

We have learn to deal with something constantly and when we do nothing, we feel that we are doing something wrong. This is not the case. Boredom is a way to calm. If we decide to just be bored, do it without remorse. Even though you feel uncomfortable not doing anything, the boredom at the same time can help you relax and relieve tension.

7. Laughing

Laughing improves the defense of our organism, strengthens the immune system, fights chronic diseases, provides a shield of protection for the heart, can cure the pain, migraines, depression, can help us breath deeper, oxygenizes the body, and can make you relaxed and calm.

8. Reward yourself

Reward is very great thing and you must not forget that you deserve a reward in your life! Reward yourself even if this means that you will have to spend some of your money for pleasure. If you always wanted to go for holiday to a desirable destination, give your self this reward and do it.

9. Self-sarcasms

They say that the ultimate step of humour is self-sarcasms. Learn to laugh with your self and your own mistakes.

10. Sex

Sex beautifies the skin, burns calories, boosts confidence, fills your batteries, it can make you feel better and can change your mood.

11. Appreciate the simple things

Hearing a good song, keeping your dog in your arms, speaking to an old friend, hearing a good comment from a colleague, are all small everyday things, but capable to fill you with joy and satisfaction. Get your own small moments of joy and not expect to place high expectations on you to be happy.

12. Be flexible

If your plans and goals for some reason do not work out as expected, be flexible and change them. Your time is precious, as well as your calm and relaxation. If things do not work out it is better to start something new, instead of trying to recover from the disappointment of your old targets. You only live once, do not forget that.

13. Time for … fasting

Is your body sick of the heavy and fatty foods? For 2-3 weeks stay away from snacks and pizza, sauce, milk, red meat, sweets, ready meals, soft drinks, alcohol and coffee. Detoxification diet does not mean not eating anything. Fasting is an old method of detoxification, and the abstention of the above is also a good solution.

14. Follow a healthy diet

A healthy diet is based on a good breakfast (e.g. fat free milk, fruits, cereals, bread and honey) in a light lunch (pulses and oil with black bread, salad with chicken and rice, fish with vegetables, spaghetti with vegetable sauce) and a small meal for dinner (toast with low fat cheese and boiled turkey) can enhance the protection of your body and give you more energy.

15. Coffee

Decrease the consumption of coffee each day to a minimum. Maybe you feel like a junkie in the beginning, but the positive effects will come immediately to your body, your sleep and the gradual reduction of tension and stress.

16. Water, water…

There is no need to be told by a doctor that water hydrates and stimulates the body. One and a half litres – or eight glasses of water if you prefer – is the minimum amount your body needs every day. A very good way is to start with half-litre bottles and drinking two every day and gradually increased them to four.

17. Take a deep breath

It is not original, but can be very effective. This is an exercise that helps to eliminate stress. Let you stomach free and take a deep inhalation in 4 parts. When you exhale, let the air out of the mouth in 8 parts. Deep breathing is perfect for releasing the accumulated stress and for greater clarity.

18. Be nice to other people

The positive words cost nothing. Either you have not used them or you feel embarrassed to express them, think how good you feel when someone compliments you, and give this pleasure to others as well.

19. Ideas for relaxing

Yoga, aromatherapy, massage therapy, tai chi, Pilates, meditation, improvisation, art therapy, are only few of the dozens of alternative ways to offer relaxation and positive energy in your life. Choose to try something from all this and you will not regret it.

20. Organize and clean your area

Your office space, bedroom and living room are spaces that you spend much of the day, so they must offer you peace and relaxation. Get rid of paper, useless objects, and old things and try to put things in a correct order. Maybe it is not the most interesting thing to do, but after so much work you will forget why you were stressed and glad to see it all arranged.

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