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4 Quick Actionable Steps to Get Website Traffic that Counts

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Believe it or not, getting a lot of website traffic is not enough for you to run a successful online business. Even if you got a lot of visitors on your website, if none of them are going to convertGet Website Traffic into paying customers or clients, it still won’t help your business bring in the income you expect.

In this article, we laid out a list of highly effective steps on how you can generate website traffic that would not just become regular visitors onto your site or blog, but also convert so that you can make a profit. All these steps are very simple for you to do right now.

1. Choose the right kind of long-tail keywords.

Many successful online business owners will tell you that using phrases and long-tail keywords are much better than just merely using a single keyword. Long-tail keywords that have a high number of monthly average searches with a very low competition level are the best ones to use. You can easily find these kinds of keywords by using online tools like Google’s Keyword Planner.

2. Consistent quality content is (still) king.

Finding answers and solutions to pressing problems is one of the major reasons why people go online. To drive quality traffic to your blog or website, you have to make sure that you’re consistently dishing out really great content to your target audience. That way, your target audience keeps coming back and would even help spread links going to your website by sharing your content.

3. Get active on related blog communities and forums.

Becoming an active member in blog communities and forums related to your niche helps you get quality website traffic in two ways. First, by sharing your input and opinions here, you are able to display your knowledge in your niche and helps establish you as an expert. Second, these communities give you a place where you can leave a link onto your website or blog which will help increase your website or blog’s page rank and help you get more quality website traffic.

4. Invest on paid website traffic options.

As a business owner, you should know by now that not everything in the world comes for free. Investing on paid website traffic services such as ad networks can drastically help quickly get high quality traffic to your website or blog. In a study done by eMarketer, they discovered that business owners that use ad network services experience a 67% increase in quality website traffic. That’s because ad network services only display ads to your website or blog based on the profile of your ideal client. So you not only get more people visiting your website or blog, but have a higher chance of getting them to convert into paying customers and clients.

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