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Culture and Heritage are heavy words which have their root deep in the History of mankind and so, are the Mithila paintings. Madhubani paintings are originated in Mithila region(Madhubani district). There traces can also be noticed in Ramayana(An Indian epic). This is also practiced in Nepal subcontinent. These paintings contain many ritual contents for particular ocassions such as Holi,Durga puja,Kaali puja etc.


Madhubani paintings was practiced widwly throughout the region as a form of wall art. In modern time, the paintings are created on cloth,paper and canvas.

These paintings are popular because of their tribal motifs and bright earthy colours.

Initially only the women in the villages drew these paintings on wall.This is their way to demonstrate their feeling,hopes and ideas. But today, men are also involved in these art work. As these paintings are confined to a particular region and the skills passed through generation from centuries. So,they received geographical indication status.

This art form include several styles like geometrical patterns,floral animals and bird motifs. The themes are based on mythological characters which depict the life of Hindu deities like any godly images. They may be about social gatherings, wedding scenes, court scenes, Tulsi plant etc.

The colours used in Madhubani paintings compromise natural extract from plants and other natural sources.

For eg. Orange colour is obtained from Palasha flowers, Blue colour from Indigo, White colour from rice powder and many more. These colours fill all the places in the art work, no empty space is left. Even there are no shadings, the colours are applied flat. There are various tools which are used to create  this art form. In ancient time paintings are made with twigs, matchsticks and fingers.But now artists use brushes,nib-pens and synthetic colours as well to paint. Madhubani painting act as major way for women empowerment.

These paintings are the part of rich culture and famous practices which makes India unique in the field of art.The art which is preserved from such a long time about 2500years ago surely is great thats why it is thriving till dates.

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