Mahabalipuram – Tamil Nadu

About Mahabalipuram beach
The beaches on east Indian coast are often unheard within the country. One such beautiful beach is Mahabalipuram (Mamallapuram). Considered as the pick of the beaches in this part of India, the coastal scene here is beautiful. A unique location for bag-packers, it is a hot spot for tourists. There are number of famous resorts and hotels making the experience all the more relaxing as well as entertaining.

Mahabalipuram beach is not far away from Chennai, a well recognized metro city of India. It is located some 50 kilometres away from Chennai and 95 kilometres away from Pondicherry, which has some fabulous spots of its own. The beach is one of the most popular beaches of Tamil-Nadu and People from all around the world flock to gaze at its amazing beauty. Sadly, people within the country have a very limited or no knowledge about this exotic beach.

How to get there?
It is around an hour’s drive to reach Mahabalipuram from Chennai. The public transport in Tamil Nadu is very convenient and includes taxis, local buses and auto rickshaws. If you are travelling by train, the nearest station to this beach is Chingleput (Chengalpattu) which is some 29 kilometres away from the beach. You will spend not more than $10 or 500 Indian rupees for taxi fare.

When to go?
Weather in India is usually hot and humid. At Mahabalipuram, summers are hot. During summer, the temperature may rise up to 38 degrees, but the beach serves as a perfect tanning and swimming spot for travellers and tourists. Rains can be bit of a problem in this region, since the beaches are flooded with sea water. Rainy season lasts for 3 months, starting from mid September to mid December. January marks the beginning of winters. Winter here is not too harsh and the temperature remains pleasant at 20 degrees. This is the most preferable season to visit Mahabalipuram, since the heat is low and the atmosphere is amazing.

Places to visit
Mahabalipuram beach is not a very famous beach, but you will find many attractions in this town. Mahabalipuram is famous for its temples and religious importance. It is an ancient holy Indian city with many interesting monuments. Art lovers can enjoy the old stone sculptures and caves. One of the most exciting events here is Mamallapuram dance festival which is held in January. There are many eateries serving mouthwatering south Indian food. Gecko café is one of the most famous food joints in Mahabalipuram. There is a also wide range of hotels to choose from, suiting all kinds of needs and budget

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