MONEY or FAST MONEY – What Is Your Choice?

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Money can buy anything even the Government. To earn money in today’s world is the main objective. But the questions here are how to make Fast money or some money which is extra in your pocket. Everyone here wants to stand out of the crowd in terms of gaining some extra penny.

There are number of ways one can adopt to get extra money.

1.)    Donate Plasma

It is in demand since long. And it can be done twice a week. So there is always a gap of around 2 days for you to rest. There are many centers available across the world.

2.)    Donate Sperm

Another quick way of making cash is to donate your sperm. One can earn good amount of money. The only restriction is that it can be done only by men.


3.)    Pet  care

If you are happy being with pets of other people, this technique will surely get you many notes. It can be very simple and enjoyable job one can opt for.

4.)    Be A Teacher

Teaching is a fun job plus people like it because it is kind of social work you do for others i.e. educating people. Qualified people can teach either online or face to face and can make lots and lots of money.

5.)    Selling what you have

Here one has to decide what he can live without or can afford to sell. For that purpose one needs to hold a yard wherein he can sell either online or on a counter.  It will give small amount of quick money in your pockets.

6.)    Sell Unused gifts or cards

If you own items like unused gifts or cards that you don’t need, you can put them on sites such as ebay . This is how unused things can get you fast money.

7.)    Child care

This is similar to what a pet care shop is. Here one can provide services like keeping babysitting services which can be done even at your home. This can also become a business later on if you are doing well.

8.)    Seek for Freelancing

There are various numbers of freelancing activities which are to be done from your home itself and money can be made online. If you have perfect skills, money can be made by having freelancing jobs like being a recruiter, writer, developer etc.

9.)    Lodging

You can do lodging at your home. All it takes is some architect skills to convert part of your home to make it look like a small motel and rent it for people who are temporary visitors. You can also rent it to young college going students as paying guests and hence again a better fast way of making money.

10.)  Investment

This includes investing in shares, bonds etc. but this is to be done only after doing deep studies on the listed companies and analyzing things like who is doing well etc. it’s a kind of high risk job so one has to be careful.

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