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Top 10 Affiliate Marketing GURUS in 2020

Affiliate Marketing
Written by Animesh Singh

To become the best, you have got to learn from the best, That’s the power of learning. If you have stepped into the Affiliate Marketing this blog is for YOU.

As the saying goes,” Don’t wait for an opportunity, Create It”. That is exactly what Gurus of Affiliate marketing did. Today we are going to give you the compiled list of absolute legends when it comes to Affiliate Marketing.

If you are eager to learn and succeed if you are someone who wants to create a milestone when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, here is your opportunity. Stay tuned and buckle up as we take this journey together.

Affiliate marketing is when a product owner allows other marketers to sell his or her product on their platform, and the marketer receives a percentage of the sale as a profit for the sales. This is different from a pay per click program because an affiliate does not make any money from the product owner unless he sells something. This can also be understood as an incentive-based profit-making system. Affiliate marketing is a way for a company to sell its products by signing up affiliates (individuals), who market the company’s products for a commission or an incentive, or a share of the sales that result from those promotions. If you are an affiliate, you market other people’s products.

List of TOP 10 Pioneers of Online Marketing in The World (2020)

  1. Seth Godin

He is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and a speaker known for his blogs which are read by millions of readers worldwide. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 19 best-selling books like Linchpin, All marketers are liars, and Tribes, etc. Godin nailed the skill of blogging and is particularly famous for short articles that do not contain more than 350 to 500 words, but they are so well written that they get thousands of retweets and shares across all social media channels.

2. Rae Hoffman

Rae Hoffman

She is an exceptional marketer and an entrepreneur for almost two decades. She also happens to be an extremely successful blogger, speaker, auditor, and a writer all at the same time. That is right, the key to success is also to learn and grow and to keep getting skilled. She is the owner of Sugaree and co-owner of Pushfire. She enhanced her marketing knowledge and created strategies to excel in a competitive market. She has tons of marketing tactics under her sleeve and has emerged as a pioneer in the field of competitive marketing.

3. Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Takeo Kawasaki is an American born marketing specialist, author, and a Silicon Valley-based venture capitalist. He is one of the most senior online marketing gurus one can heed to for knowledge and wisdom. He is also the author of a few most popular marketing books like The Art of the start and The art of social media. He also holds an honorary doctorate from Babson College. His writing mainly focuses on making money online by building your business and expanding it through online influence.

4. Neil Patel

He is a full-time blogger, entrepreneur, angel investor, and SEO expert. He has established himself as a self-made millionaire and he is also the founder of million-dollar online businesses like Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout. After the recent launch of his personal blog, he started sharing tips on how one can bring thousands of visitors to their website. He took benefit of the channels like and posted step by step guide to nail social media marketing and affiliate marketing. There is a good chance you’ve read one of his many articles or books or heard him speak or watched one of his videos. He’s everywhere, educating marketers, small business owners, and helping people to grow their business. At the age of 30, he has made a name for himself and has become a leading light for the people who want to start their business online. The journey of Neil signifies there is no limit to what you can achieve with the right mindset and mentors.

5.Brian Clark

He is a man who builds himself through all the struggles and came out on top with sheer hard work. He went from a solo blogger to the point wherein he built a multi-million-dollar business online. At the outset he started Copyblogger back in 2006 and built his audience from scratch. He took blogging to another extent by teaching his audience how to create content that builds loyal and keen readers who are eager to buy stuff. His audience engagement skills were such that he could understand what his audience wanted even on a blog. His first work was an online course “Teaching Sells”, he used his existing reader base of Copybloggers to learn over the years about marketing to build profitable blogs. It became a huge success and since then there was no turning back. He launched a few more online courses and then the famous studio press company builds and develops the Genesis framework.

6. Darren Rowse

He is a well-known and established full-time blogger, public speaker, blog consultant, and founder of several blogs and blog networks. Some of his famous blog networks include b5media, Problogger, and He started blogging in the good old days when it was just a word and hardly anybody knew about it. He started making thousands of dollars from the very beginning, in a year when he launched his first blog post back in 2002. Most people believe that the primary source of his income is from Problogger, but it’s not true. The major chunk of his income comes from his Digital Photography School which has more than millions of readers and email subscribers who are anxious to buy the premium end DSLR’s and the cameras that Darren Rowse recommends.

7. Ramit Sethi

Ramit is an Indian based US settled online blogger who also runs a commerce-related site called “I Will Teach You To Be Rich” which has above millions of readers all over the globe. He wrote a book with the same name as above which went on to become one of the New York Times best-selling books. His commerce and economic teachings have been covered in biggest magazines like Inc, Forbes, Fortune, etc. A chunk of his earnings also comes from online marketing, wherein is sells online premium high-priced products. He is completely practical in his approach of teachings and delivers with a style that makes readers follow him. His whole idea is based around the four pillars of Personal finance which are- banking, saving, budgeting, and investing.  

8. Pat Flynn

He is also among the few dreamers who can foresee, back in 2008 Pat Flynn realized that in the coming few years blogging would be revolutionary and launched his blog Smart Passive Income. He made his blog profitable in no time, instead of the fact that his blogging niche “marketing” was extensively crowded. His journey from working in an architect firm to becoming a full-time blogger is an inspiration for many. He always shared his income reports on his blogs from the old days till now, and because of this humility and transparency, his readers admire him. He mainly makes his earning by promoting affiliate products that he trusts. He is also into product review business, wherein he writes detailed and genuine product reviews. He is in every sense a true online marketing guru.

9. Zac Johnson

He is a well-known online marketing leader with over 20 years of experience in online and internet marketing. His income primarily includes affiliate marketing where he makes millions of dollars every single year just by selling other’s products. It took him years of sheer hard work to build this empire for himself. He positioned himself at the top of the pyramid as one of the extremely successful affiliate marketers. He is also the founder of the most successful marketing blogs by the name Blogging tips and If you are looking to grow your affiliate business and to increase your affiliate earnings, you should follow him and his methodologies. 

10.Marcus Sheridan

He is a genius and a top online marketing guru with extensive experience in affiliate and online marketing. His understanding of his customer base is remarkable. He has built his company by the name The Sales Lion from scratch by using his content marketing practices and made millions in the process. He is one of the top marketing bloggers, keynote speaker, and a HubSpot advisor. He often uses a practice “answer your customer’s questions to increase your sales” and he is correct and understands that this is the foundation of the customer building. If you have ambitions to become the best online marketer and to understand the code of affiliate marketing, follow this guru.

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