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TOP 8 Toy for a 2 year old child 2020

TOP 8 Toy for a 2 year old child 2020
Written by ishan mishra

The second year of a child is essential. He will evolve and acquire new skills. He’s not quite a baby anymore … but not a big one yet. This is the perfect time to offer him new activities and to teach him new skills. Construction games, puzzles, dolls, cars many toys will allow him to develop new skills such as motor skills, patience and autonomy.

TOP 8 Toy for a 2 year old child 2020

How to choose a toy for a 2 year old child

At 2 years old, a child evolves and learns a lot of things. Provide him with games suited to his new abilities offer him construction games. Construction games will stimulate your children’s motor skills. Stack, assemble, destroy, build… They will also help develop their imagination. You will find a selection of construction games here.

Choose imitation toys. Imitation games are important for the development of children. They love to pretend. Learning goes through mimicry, from an early age.

Play board games.

Board games are a great opportunity to meet your family around a table to laugh, have fun and learn. This is an opportunity to discover a new way of playing with others, to develop new skills and to share a moment of complicity with relatives or friends. You will find a selection of board games from Ey Shopping .

Precision games will allow your child to develop fine motor skills and patience. Beads to thread, puzzles … many games can help him develop his skills.

Selection of the best toys for children from 2 years old

Which toy for your 2 year old to buy? Discover our selection and share your favorites in the comments.

1. Magic tree of Klorofil

Vole’s Klorofil Magic Tree is a classic that spans generations. Your child presses the magic tree and “pops” it opens. Inside, he discovers a pretty house. The tree has several living rooms (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and garage), many accessories (chairs, beds, bench, table, swing, and car) and 5 characters.

2. Vintage cream white metal carrier

In the same spirit as the model developed by EYSHOPPING this car carrier will immerse your children in the world of old-fashioned racing. Large rubber wheels provide comfortable stability. The finishes are delicate. The distance between the seat and the steering wheel is adjust. What bring together young and old very easy to assemble, this racing car is very robust. From 18 months. Other Villach carriers are available here.

3. Lock board

Here is an ultra-simple Montessori game but which is all the rage among children. The principle? On a board, the doors of the houses are all locked with bolts. We must therefore free them one by one to discover the colorful animals that hide behind. Inspired by Montessori pedagogy, this game allows you to develop fine motor skills, but also the knowledge of colors or numbers. From 3 years.

4. Hape forest animals tactile puzzle

The forest animal’s tactile puzzle is made of 20 pieces of rigid cardboard. It is 65 cm wide and 50 cm high. Individually the pieces are 12.5cm wide and 12.5cm high. The packaging also has textured parts. The forest animal’s tactile puzzle also contains a poster to serve as a model.

5. Box 120 pieces Lego Duplo

The 120 piece Lego Duplo box allows your child to create endlessly and let their imagination run free. 2 figurines (1 bird and 1 character) and accessories (windows, eyes…) are included in the box. With this box, your little one can make many models: 1 parrot, 1 castle, balloons, 1 apple, 1 boat, 1 tree…

6. Numbered stackable garages with Melissa and Doug cars

The numbered stackable garages with cars consists of 6 garages and 6 cars of different sizes. This Melissa & Doug toy offers different games: roll cars, match the car with its garage, count to 6, build a tower and stack garages, learn colors. The elements of the game are made of paper, wood and plastic.

7. Jumping animal

Jumping and jumping are popular activities for children. Bursts of laughter guaranteed with this jumping ball that can give way to many races. While it bounces to move forward with each leap, the apparatus is one of the musts of outdoor play. It allows children to exercise the sense of balance, to promote coordination, but also to strengthen their legs. Once installed, the little ones hang onto the reins of this very stable balloon, before setting off … This model will quickly become their playmate. On your marks, get set, fire, go!

8. Colorino Ravens burger

The Colorino is a great classic in board games for a 2 year old child. This game allows you to work on different skills: colors, shapes and sizes. The Colorino game box includes 40 large colored pawns (red, yellow, blue, and green, purple, orange). These pawns have been specially designed for the little hands of your 2 year old child.

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