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Workshaala’s 7 Coworking Spaces Are Revolutionizing The WorkSpace Culture in Bangalore

Workshaala’s Coworking Spaces
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What does co-working exactly mean? In simple words, it is basically a system that is involved in sharing the same environment with different organisations. With India’s fast growth in economy and business, we’ve managed to remain stable through the economic recessions that took place before and have grown immensely in terms of financial resources. For India to be adapting to the ongoing trends across the world is prodigious, as a lot of foreign companies want to invest in India because of our economic standards. In this article, we’re going to check out one of the most famous coworking spaces in Bangalore – Workshaala.

About Workshaala Bangalore

Setting up a company or having a comfortable work-space is not easy, especially when it comes to financial and social aspects. So why not save money and time by investing unnecessary expense in finding a place. A lot of start-ups/entrepreneurs have adapted to the trend of co-working in India. Shared office spaces are something most companies can benefit from in terms of investment or expenditure.

Co-working doesn’t just give you the prominence of working side by side, but also, working together in a community where ideas, thoughts, innovation and perseverance flourish within the building. Workshaala provides a lot of amenities such as a nurturing environment, better maintenance infrastructure, high speed internet, fine working spaces and so on.

Strategically located in 7 centers across 5 locations in Bangalore, the coworking space is headquartered in HSR Layout. Workshaala is offering the ease of choosing an area for their comfort to its coworkers. With Bangalore’s fast pace of traffic build-up through the day, it can be a little uneasy to travel to far off places.

The coworking space chain in Bangalore has incorporated a lot of companies who need work incubation support and good ambience that will make work more easy and comforting.

Benefits and Facilities

Here’s how this coworking space is beneficial for folks looking for an office space in the tech capital of India :

> Better amenities

> The opportunity to socialize with different community groups and learn from each other

> No need of spending large amount of money on expenditure/infrastructure; we provide them for you.

> Chats over coffee, meeting likeminded people

> Attending informal meeting

> Being a part of a vast community

> Lot of innovative ideas that can be shared

> We provide you with your own cubicle space.

> The provision to full access conference rooms to hold/conduct meetings

> Anytime access to conference rooms

> Talking about meeting likeminded people, the act of being pro-active transpires.

Everything made so much easier, just like renting an apartment but for so much less. Obviously coworking does come with its own set of cons, for people who don’t like being around a crowd or noise, this kind of a work environment might be unpleasant.

For introverts or individuals who don’t like working among a lot of people, there are other places like bare bones, cafés, work from home etc.

“Most of the con’s can be rectified by helping you find the best industry oriented space to your liking. That’s what we do at Workshaala; we stick to our company’s core values of being flexible, transparent and providing quality assurance.”

Akanksha (Workshaala)

They also don’t go by the idea of having corporate work timings; define your own timings to work late or work during the weekends! This is the kind of self management/ work management you can control. Take a day pass with an on demand option anytime, regardless of whether you’re taking a half day or not. At the end of the day our job is to provide a supportive, productive and a hassle free environment.

Companies associated with Workshaala have not only helped them grow as an organisation or a community, but also as a family.

Get in Touch

Start a conversation with Workshaala team at or call them on these numbers – +91 9916 440 700 / +91 80 64512555. The company is located at N R Tower, 3rd Floor, 19th Main, 17th Cross Sector 4 HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102.

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